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NFC power on/off digital scooter speedmeter YC01

The blector YC01 electric scooter /motorctcy/mopeds speedmeter  is intergrated with the NFC technology, no need the mechanical key, with NFC card tag to the display, can power on/off the scooter. It can show us the speed, ODO, trip, turing direction and fault light.
  • YC01

  • Blector

  • 30-100V

  • 4±0.5mA

  • <200mA

  • IP66

  • 315/433Mhz

  • ABS


Blector YC01 LED speedmeter is a colorful Integrated instrument. Compared with the traditional displays, it can display the speed, trip ,odo ,battery status, light status, clock ... ,It also has the anti-theft alarm function,which can protect your e-scooter/e-motorcycle/mopeds much safer . Bluetooth or NFC power on/off function can be choosed. No need the keys,only with the NFC card, you can ride your e-vehicles.

YC01 Specifications

Item No. YC01 Size 165.1*24.5*95.3mm(6.5*0.96*3.1inch)
Voltage  30~100V Material ABS
Standby current 4±0.5mA@48V Waterproof IP66
Dynamic current <200mA Frenquency 433Mhz/315Mhz

YC01 Function and advantages

  • Colorful LED display

  • NFC or Bluetooth function can be choosed

  • Can display the time in real-time

  • UART or SIF communication protocol can be choosed

  • Anti-theft alarm system is included. When in lock status, if there is vibiration, wheel rotation ,power on or engine start,it will alarm and lock the motor to scare the theft

  • Speed,trip,odo,battery status,colorful icons

  • HiFi voice--make your e-vehicles more fun

YC01 Speedmeter install size

Speedmeter YC01

What is NFC technology for scooter display?

NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows two devices to exchange data when they are brought close together. In the case of an electric scooter speedometer, an NFC chip or tag is embedded in the scooter.

With the NFC techonlogy intergrated the display,by bringing the NFC chip card close to the display,you can start the scooter simply,allowing the use of the vehicle only to the owner in possession of the chip.

If you phone or watch with NFC function,after matching with the owner chip, you can also drive your vehicles with your phone or watch.  More convinent for your riding.



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