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Welcome to Blector booth in Nanjing Electric Vehicle Exhibition

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October 25, the 37th China Jiangsu International New Energy Electric Vehicle and Parts Expo (Nanjing Electric Vehicle Exhibition) officially opened in Nanjing International Expo Center.

Attract a large number of domestic and foreign visitors to the scene.

Blector, which occupies a large part of the domestic market of electric vehicle anti-theft alarm system,keyless entry system,displays had a crowded booth at the beginning of the exhibition, and the staff treated every customer who came to consult and provide them with professional and satisfactory services.

 Blector nanjing exhibition


Alarm, anti-theft device, electronic mechanical lock, intelligent central control system, displays many Blector products let countless customers of the exhibition praise! The exhibition hall is full of admiration, consultation, negotiation voice ......

Blector alarm system


June 19th~21th
Address: Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou
Booth No.:Hall 2, 2T21



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