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Welcome the Japanese Expert Group (Toyota) to Visit Blector

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July 9,was a special and grand day for Blector Group. Mr. Keno Yoshikawa, former director of production department of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. of Japan and Mr. Masa Sakamori, guidance consultant from Makita Power Tools, visited Blector to give guidance. Mr. Ding Ruirong, Chairman of Blector and Mr. Zhuang Jiayuan, General Manager of Blector Group accompanied the visit.


With a day of guidance work, after the tour of the production line, the two experts listed a number of rectification suggestions for the company, and reached a three-year cooperation agreement with the company, with a monthly guidance time of about one week, mainly to help the company realize TPS lean management project implementation, while bringing public lectures for the company's upstream and downstream industrial chain. The cooperation intention is to help the company to develop more standardized.


In his speech, he also mentioned the three words "report, contact, and talk", and these are the three points that we should always remind our employees to do when we work normally. If you encounter a problem, you need to report first and then contact and then talk to each other, which is the basic trilogy of handling things in a company and needs to be kept in mind.



May 15th~17th
Address: JIExpo Jakarta international Expo Kemayoran
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