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Good News! Blector Group won the first national invention patent

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Blector Group's 2018 annual general meeting and commendation meeting was held in the company!

Jiayuan Zhuang, general manager of the group, delivered a speech for the conference and sent his deep condolences to all  employees. At the same time, Mr. Zhuang made a detailed summary report, pointing out that: Blector is in a stable and rising year in 2018, the sales volume of anti-theft devices in the third quarter has exceeded 6.6 million units, and it is expected that the total target of 8 million units can be exceeded this year! Under high pressure, against the trend! Similarly, Blector also achieved a milestone breakthrough in 2018, brushless tools achieved a batch production of 2,000 units, which was pushed to domestic and international markets and recognized by customers and manufacturers. It really realized the marketization of brushless tools, and proved that Blector is setting sail! The coming year will be better!



Zhang Jun and his technical R&D team are responsible for the development of new electric vehicle saddle bag lock project, which brought the company a new product that sold well in the market and won the national invention patent (Patent No. ZL 206 1 0694994.7), making the company a solid step forward in the road of high-tech enterprises. The company specially rewarded  Jun Zhang with 10,000 RMB cash and certificate for himself and 5,000 RMB cash for his team as encouragement!


Blector Group stands at a new starting point, our industrial heritage must not forget the original intention and create brilliant again. Hoprio, let the world become more Chinese!


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