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DC-DC converter with electronic horn

  • Blector

  • 30~100V

  • 9.5mA @48V

  • >100dB

  • IP67

  • Aluminum


DC-DC converter with electronic horn

Blector DC-DC concerter can convert 30V-100V voltage to 5V or 12V voltage to meet the required voltage of lights, horns,wipes,locks. And what's more it has the electronic horn function.

DC-DC converter specifications:

Working voltage 30-100V Horn decibel >100dB
Stand by current 9.5mA @48V

Transfer efficiency

12V rated output voltage 12.0-12.6V 5V rated output voltage 4.8~5.2V
12V rated output current 5A 5V rated output current 2A
12V rated protection current 7.5±0.2A 5V rated protection current 3A
Working temperature
-40℃~+100℃ Storage temperature -55℃~+150℃
Size 67*67*28mm Main material Aluminum

DC-DC converter function and advantages

  • Voltage converter transfer efficiency is high more than 90%.

  • The DC-DC converter is intergrated with the electronic horn function ,and the interference of the power  is less than the traditional iron horn.

  • The electronic horn current is smaller than the iron horn.

DC-DC converter  size

DC-DC converter size

What is the use of DC-DC converter in EV?

As its name implied,  a DC-DC converter convers one DC voltage to anohter voltage. Usually the electric scooter /electric bike/ electric motorcycle/ electric mopeds voltage is  36V /48V/60V/72V or higher, while the LED light , horn ,electronic locks working voltage is 5V or 12V.  and that's why a DC-DC converter is needed in EV.

What's the difference between Blector's DC-DC converter and other company?

Blector DC-DC converter is also intergarted with the electronic horn, which can replace the iron horn. because the traditional iron horn has a large electromagnetic interference when on working and the instantaneous wrokign current can be more than 3A, While this electronic horn working voltage is only 015A. which can  effectively avoid the electromagnetic interference.


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