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Customized hemlet lock for sharing scooter/bikes

ST-505 lock is a smart security anti-theft Helmet Lock. when you leave your vehicles, With the lock,it can make your hemlet safe.
For sharing business,Scan the QR code, when the bike is active,the lock can be open. Insert the rope,the hemlet can be locked.
  • ST505

  • Blector

  • 48V

  • <7mA

  • <70mA

  • IP67

  • DC motor


Customized hemlet lock for sharing scooter/bikes/mopeds

Blector St-505 hemlet lock is designed for electric scooter/bike/mopeds hemlet. With the lock,it can make your hemlet safe.

With the development of the smart electric scooter /bike /motorcycle ,Nowdays, the electronic locks are more and more popular. Compared with the traditional mechanical lock ,the electronic lock can be controlled by phone app , computer or electronic signal remotely. The electric lock make your travel more convinent ,safer and  easier.


Voltage 48V Body Material Zinc Alloy
Standby Current ≤7mA Lock size 136*69*37mm
Working current ≤70mA Working temperature -20℃~+70℃
Signal feedback Yes Storage temperature -30℃~+85℃
Driving time Lock 2s;open2s Waterproof IP67

Function and advantages

  • Easy to Use: With the electric signal lock, when parking your e-vehicles,Put the rope into hemlet lock,then can keep your hemlet safe. When power on, the lock can be open,no need to open can enjoy your riding.

  • Easy to Install: Fix hemlet lock by bolts, that is enough.

  • Lock status can be checked: A position dection switch is integrated,the lock status can be checked easierthrough APP.

  • Heavy Duty and Durable: The hemlet lock uses the zinc alloy,Heavy duty and durable

  • high level IP grade. With spray plastic coating, which is waterproof, rustproof and dust proof enough.

  • Power Safety:  In case the power is off, The steering lock also support the manual unlock. Much safer.

  • Anti-cheat: Only the matched lockpin can lock the hemlet lock,which can provide the sharing hemlet missing.

Lock size

Hemlet Lock size

Steering lock application

The hemlet locks can be used for the electric motorcycles,e-bike, e-scooters,especially designed for sharing business.

With the hemlet lock,it can provide your hemlet safer.



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