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Blector Milan International Motorcycle Exhibition

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Blector brought its ingenious products to the exhibition, which won the general attention of the industry and professional merchants, and its performance was remarkable.

This exhibition let people become more familiar with blector, and more impressed by the quality of blector's products.

During the exhibition, the blector booth was very popular, and its own strength was also affirmed. There were 60 to 100 receptions every day, non-suspended consultation and product experience, which has contracted the popularity of the exhibition hall.

Blector exhibition 5

At the Milan exhibition, the brand-new design of blector has been well received by domestic and foreign trends. It has set off an upsurge in the internationalization of Chinese two-wheeler accessories companies, and has been hailed as a new benchmark for high-end two-wheeler accessories.

Not only GPS technology is deeply loved by customers, but also domestic and foreign exhibitors have come to inquire about the new generation of electronic locks and discuss cooperation development matters. At the same time, we have in-depth discussions with customers from Greece, Turkey, France, Italy and other customers to form preliminary cooperation samples!

 Blector exhibition 4

Time passes. Although the exhibition is over, blector will continue to provide high-quality, energy-saving and efficient products and fast services as always, and repay the love of society with practical actions.


May 15th~17th
Address: JIExpo Jakarta international Expo Kemayoran
Booth No.:Hall B
June 19th~21th
Address: Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou
Booth No.:Hall 2, 2T21



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