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Blector Annual meeting is hold

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The blector sales team hold the ANNUAL SALES meeting on Oct. 29th and 30th.During the meeting, Present kevin, vice present Jimmy, R&D manager ,sales director  ,sales team and other core leader attened the manager.

Blector Annual meeting (4)

During the meeting,Blector Team looking back to its 2022,and we In-depth analysis of the 2022 sales situation, and make the paln for 2023. Our team will keep on innovating on scooter accessories. scooter,display, electronic locks and alarm system will still be the main three different production line.and there will be some other news items come out.

Blector team will attend the Eurobike exhibition 2023 ,Hongkong fair 2023,and EVXP india 2023

Blector Annual meeting (3-1)

In the end, the E&D manager trained the sales team to provide a better service for the customers.




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